Let us know what you think about Yahweh’s Follies:

Tell us if you saw us in performance at the
Ars Nova All New Talent Festival on June 11, 2013?
or one of our previous developmental readings:
June 5, 2012 The Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn?
June 6, 2012 The Barrow Group Theater in Manhattan?


  1. Brian says:

    Strong cast with entertaining songs. Especially enjoyed the three female leads.

  2. Roy Film says:

    Guilty pleasure! Yahweh’s Follies is a smart, irreverent and refreshing take on the historical and sociological origins of religion. This fast-paced show is filled with fun music that left me smiling long after the final number. And in sharp contrast to the religions referenced in this hilarious work, the ideas in this show are mostly TRUE! (Ars Nova)

  3. Joe Elliott says:

    I hope there’s a cast album–the songs were awesome and catchy and so very smart. The pace of the show was fantastic–the whole stage was busy and you had to really pay attention because the dialogue was sharp and fast. And might there have been a bit of a Pippin vamp? Loved it. I would love to see the Follies again (and I saw it at Ars Nova–lovely theatre) because I know there were bits that I missed. Plus? I learned quite a bit. If only all history classes were that interesting.

  4. Ron Silver says:

    Wonderful, insightful, farcical, comical and magical look at religion(s) through the eyes and wondrous mind of a warped writing wizard….Wow!

  5. Tim says:

    A delightful and blissfully educational romp!

  6. Barbara says:

    So much fun! Witty, irreverent, original and also informative. The songs were memorable. The cast did a wonderful job and made great material even better.

  7. Duala says:

    Yahwehs’ Follies is the most daring, witty, and funny musical I’ve seen about the origins of religions. It’s completely refreshing and broadens the perspective about religions and opens the minds. I didn’t know what to expect and I walked in Ars Nova a little worried; I got out of the theater with a big smile that lingered for a while. It is amazingly well documented and written, and so entertaining, exhilarating and sometimes, yes, outrageous. Rob Reese’s timing is top-notch. The music is varied and uplifting. The choreography is bold, especially on such a small stage! Hats off to the cast, the musicians and the choreographs. I really believe this musical deserves to be produced in a solid New York’ venue and I am sure once it does, it will be off for quite a ride!

  8. Ziji B says:

    One if the most innovative and entertaining shows I’ve seen this year . Should be out on again !! The cast , lyrics, music and overall energy is superb ! A must see if its back on stage soon . Off broadway just got interesting again . Thank you

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