Preamble (Live)

What Sort of God? (Live)

Pageant of Ante-Hebraic Peoples (Live)

Exodus (Live)

It’s A Mitzvah (Live)

Goddess Blues (Live)

The Great Schism (Live)

What Sort of Christ? (Live)

A developmental workshop reading of Yahweh’s Follies was performed in June, 2012 at Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn and at The Barrow Group Arts Center in New York City.

These tracks were recorded by Matt Schloss at The Barrow Group Theater with the following personnel:

The Ringmaster – Kamala Sankaram
Beria – Laura Valpey
Delta – Rodney Umble
Mosley – Katherine Barna
PJ – Jen Kwok
Reverent John – David Allen
Verrell – Shane Breaux

Keys – Matt Schloss
VoxPipes – Eric Brenner
Axes – Ezra Gale
Skins – Brad Carbone

Composed by – Eric Brenner & Matt Schloss

Book, Lyrics,
& Directed by – Rob Reese

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